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Sustainable Forestry Products 


As an extension of our reforestation programs, Sacred 7 collaborates with existing NGOs and local municipalities to design and implement sustainable timber export program programs for the owners of forests in need of restoration, including indigenous native tribes as well as government-owned rainforest preserves. The organization strives to develop programs and policies that strike a balance between conservation and social / economic development.


Sacred 7 plans to export limited quantities of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified mahogany and other tropical hardwoods from Costa Rica into the U.S.


Proceeds from the sale of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified, sustainable timber will be help fund collaborative reforestation and rainforest preservation programs.



The Sound of Sustainability


Many of the world’s leading musical instrument makers use tropical hardwoods in their manufacturing processes. Through its relationships in the music industry, Sacred 7 has created alliances with instrument makers interested in purchasing imported, sustainably harvested wood products.


Leading instrument brands often have world-renowned musicians using their products on stage and in recording studios. By getting special edition, sustainable instruments into the hands of famous musicians, Sacred 7 will raise awareness and support for our rainforest and ocean preservation programs. Look for special one-of-a-kind instruments signed by music industry legends may also be auctioned off to support Sacred 7’s fundraising efforts.