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Reforestation and Habitat Restoration


In alignment with our rainforest preservation efforts, Sacred 7 conducts and coordinates reforestation programs. Our goal is to identify and purchase deforested areas and pastures and revitalize the land by planting indigenous tropical hardwood trees.


Trees planted in close to the equator sequester more carbon because of their rapid growth rate and sheer size at maturity. Specific trees are selected to restore native habitats for plant and animal species and maximize carbon sequestration. Sacred 7 plants indigenous species of hardwoods such as Cocobolo, Mahogany, Purple Heart, Ronron, Brazilian Cherry and many others.


This program of planting multiple species has been successful in Costa Rica. The trees grew incredibly fast and the biodiversity under the canopy flourished as if it had never been deforested. In some cases, Sacred 7 plants additional almond and fruit-bearing trees to attract the native birds, animals and insects whose populations had been diminished due to deforestation and illegal poaching.