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Sacred 7 Educational Programs


Backed by scientific data, Sacred 7’s educational and global awareness programs teach people of all ages the value of our sacred rainforest and oceans and why it is important to protect and restore them. A key goal of the organization, is to teach the world how the tropical rainforest of the planet in some way, touch their lives daily.


In Costa Rica we are collaborating with INBio (Costa Rica’s National Institute for Biodiversity) to extend the reach of a program that engages middle school and high school aged students in researching and categorizing various plant and animal species found in the rainforest.


In the U.S., Sacred 7 coordinates an annual rainforest educational program that involves hundreds of students researching why it is important to save the rainforest. The program concludes with each student writing a letter to government officials urging them to pledge their support in protecting our sacred rainforests and oceans. 


In  2008, the Sacred 7 team met with Costa Rica’s President Oscar Arias, a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate. He was presented with 250 letters and drawings created by American and Costa Rican students explaining why we must preserve one of the world’s most precious resources, the rainforest. These heartfelt student letters and reports struck an emotional chord with President Arias. To this day, he displays them in special box in his home.  To read a few of these inspiring letters click here. 

Box full of children's letters thanking

President Arias for his dedication to preservation of the rainforests.