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BioProspecting – Rainforest and Ocean Research


To be effective in our preservation and conservation efforts, we must thoroughly understand the biodiversity of the rainforests and oceans. Sacred 7 is developing a sophisticated, bio-prospecting and scientific research facility in Golfito, Costa Rica. Our goal is to explore, identify and analyze new species that may lead to treatments and cures for deadly and debilitating diseases. 

Scientific Alliance

Sacred 7 has collaborated with The National Biodiversity Institute (INBio) of Costa Rica on a biodiversity research project that studied a specific 200 acres of primary rainforest in the aboved mentioned area. The project engaged seven scientists on a two-day excursion into the rainforest where they collected seven groups of species: arthropods, fungi, plants, mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles.


According to scientists from INBio, “the fungi species alone make this tropical area a place of recognized world importance for the discovery of new species.”   To read the full report, click here.