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   Become a Guardian of the 
   Rainforests + Oceans

Become a Sacred 7 Guardian of the Rainforests and Oceans and Donate

By supporting Sacred 7, YOU will help protect our oceans and marine life, preserve remaining rainforests, and help reforest natural habitats that have been lost due to farming, logging and cattle ranching.


In addition to preserving and restoring our rainforests and oceans, your donations to Sacred 7 will help fund bio-prospecting and biomedical research with the goal of unlocking cures to mankind’s most serious diseases.


To inquire about becoming a Sacred 7 volunteer please contact us via email at:

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Use Less! Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

It’s very simple to establish and practice new habits that will help protect our rainforests, oceans and environment.

You can start by:


  • Reducing your consumption of energy, water, paper products, pesticides and fertilizers at your home or place of business.


  • Re-using as many household and clothing products as possible;


  • Recycling all plastic bottles, paper/cardboard products, aluminum products, wood and yard clippings