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Rainforests Affect Your Milk Price!

Global warming is definitely a topic for this continuing blog series of why the rainforest is important to you but I was saving it until we could get through the basics.  However, one cannot overlook that rising food prices caused by the most extensive drought in the U.S. Midwest in five decades is making headlines between the Olympics and the November election so I thought it important to begin to discuss how the rainforest affects local milk and other produce prices.In a recent trip to the grocery store to get milk, I saw sign on the refrigerator stating that “due to the drought crisis the store was temporarily out of milk.”  To say that this is a bit concerning when you young ones at home is an understatement.   The drought is so serious that it’s a worldwide threat and the World Bank is stepping into help governments deal with the food shortages and increase in grain prices.  Farmers lively hoods are being significantly affected and we are experiencing increased costs in eggs, fruits and vegetables, milk and even meat.  See this CCN article release earlier today entitled Get Ready to Pay More For Your Steak!

The drought (no rain and extensive heat) is caused by global warming and global warming is caused by rainforest destruction. The rainforest affects us directly and indirectly as we’ll all see, as food prices continue to rise.  The core of this significant drought is due to the past 50 years of rainforest destruction.  Something to consider the next time you walk into the market.   


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