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Our History 

In April 2008, the founders of Sacred 7 established The Santosha Rainforest Foundation (SRF) in Costa Rica — to help protect and restore Costa Rica’s endangered rainforest and preserve its promising biodiversity for medicinal purposes. Since that time, the vision and mission of the organization has become global, and Sacred 7 was formed to pursue that mission in the U.S. and the rest of the world.  In 2012, The Santosha Rainforest Foundation will undergo a name change to Sacred 7 — to reflect one unified and collaborative organization. 


From 2006 through 2011, working with Costa Rican environmental organizations Sacred 7 planted thousands of trees to sequester carbon emissions and restore the habitats and populations of certain species of native birds and butterflies.  We also began bio-prospecting of the incredible diversity the rainforest and oceans offer and created jobs for the community. Today, Sacred 7 is planning to develop a world-class bio-prospecting and biodiversity research laboratory in Golfito, Costa Rica to serve as the headquarters for our collaborative rainforest, ocean and biodiversity research in addition to preservation and reforestation programs that have already been established.